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Former couples on their amicable divorce experience

How amicable can help you officially start your new lives apart

Whether you are married or co-habiting, we know that this is an emotional time. Our experts will help you to understand your options and to solve any of the following problems.


Separating your finances

Our experts will help you both to agree how to split your finances while avoiding confrontation. We can also include a legally drafted Deed of Separation

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Co-parenting after separating

Organise fair childcare arrangements together, with our support. We will help you to navigate this tricky issue and find a solution that works for all parties, your children in particular.

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Sharing pets after separating

Organising pet share arrangements is no joke. We can help you to arrange a fair and legally binding plan moving forward that suits both separating parties, and your pet(s).

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amicable ® co-parenting app

The amicable® co-parenting app is the only app on the market that includes human support combined with beautifully designed tools. Created to help you manage all aspects of co-parenting in one secure place, making parenting after divorce and separation simpler.

Coparenting App

How amicable's separation services work

You may have heard of amicable's divorce services (we are the UK's most trusted divorce service after all). However, you may not know that we also offer separation services for co-habiting couples and co-parents to help you to plan a positive future apart.

If you are married, but aren't yet ready to divorce, we can still help you to organise your lives in the interim. Or you can read more about our online divorce services here.

We work the way you need us to; from helping you to agree on a fair financial split to co-parenting arrangements.


Step 1: TALK

Discuss amicable’s different approach with each other. And with us. We help you decide what’s right for your family’s unique circumstances.


Step 2: SIGN UP

We combine user-friendly tech with the all-important human touch. Your dedicated coach manages everything and supports you both. They also submit the paperwork to the court.


Step 3: AGREE

‘Premium’ users book a series of meetings with their coach to discuss and agree all aspects of their separation or divorce. Users of our other services complete a series of intuitive online forms and questions to reach agreement. Either way, your coach is always available to help on the phone or by email.



Your coach writes up your agreement. amicable’s legally trained specialists complete all the final paperwork to settle everything.

You both move on, amicably.


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