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Kate Daly is co-founder of amicable and host of the The Divorce Podcast. 

Kate began The Divorce Podcast to discuss and demystify divorce, separation and co-parenting in the UK.

The podcast aims to address divorce in the UK with a fresh lens, countering the often sensationalist way it is portrayed in the media, challenging the status quo, driving for reform and being a source of trustworthy support and advice for people who are navigating a break-up.

You can access The Divorce Podcast on all of your favourite listening platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Buzzsprout.

Latest Episodes:

Episode #62: Wendy Wason

With Wendy Wason

Find out more about Wendy.

Episode #61: Self-growth and healing following breakups, separation and divorce with Mark Groves from Create The Love

With Mark Groves

Find out more about Mark.

Episode #60: Part two of divorce myth-busting with #thelegalqueen

Find out more via Tracey's TikTok.

Episode #59: Dads, separation and divorce

With James Hayhurst and Adam Colthorpe

Find out more about James via his website and Adam via his website.

Episode #58: Myth-busting with #thelegalqueen

Find out more via Tracey's TikTok.

Episode #57: Divorce and separation from the child's perspective

With Dr Angharad Rudkin

You can find Dr Angharad Rudkin's book here.

Episode #56: Samantha Baines

With Samantha Baines

Find out more about Samantha via her website.

Episode #55: Sara Davison on navigating the emotional journey of divorce and separation

With Sara Davison

Find out more about Sara by listening to her podcast.

Episode #54: How to heal a broken heart with Rosie Green

With Rosie Green

Find out more about Rosie via her website.

Episode #53: The introduction of no-fault divorce with Clive Coleman

With Clive Coleman

Find out more about no-fault divorce via our blog.

Episode #52: Financial planning for divorce

With Louise Oliver

Find out more about Louise via her website.

Episode #51: Let's talk about sex (after divorce)

With Laura Friedman-Williams and James Preece

You can find Laura's book on Amazon and James via his website.

Episode #50: Get legally speaking about no-fault divorce

With Hatti Suvari

Find out more about Hatti by visiting Get Legally Speaking.

Episode #49: Stepfamilies

With Professor Lisa Doodson

Find out more about Lisa by visiting HappySteps.

Episode #48: Pensions on divorce

With PensionBee

Find out more about Clare by visiting PensionBee.

Episode #47: Helen Thorn from The Scummy Mummies

With Helen Thorn

Find out more about Helen by visiting The Scummy Mummies .

Episode #46: Nesting arrangement and divorce

With Toby Hazlewood

Find out more about Toby by visiting his website.

Episode #45: Bouncing back after divorce, separation and break-ups

With Haifa Barbari

Find out more about Haifa by visiting Be What Matters.

Episode #44: Cryptocurrency and divorce financial settlements

With Joe David from Myna

Find out more about Joe by visiting Myna.

Episode #43: No-fault divorce implementation in other countries

With Denise Evans and Suzanna Kingsford-Smith

Find out more about Denise and Suzanna by visiting amicable.

Episode #42: Menopause and relationship breakdown

With Kathryn Colas

Find out more about Kathryn at SimplyHormones.

Episode #41: The three month countdown to no-fault divorce


Find out more about the up-coming changes here.

Episode #40: Cryptocurrency and divorce

With Ash Pugh and Dan Martinez

You can find out more about Ash by visiting New Kids on The Block Chain.

Episode #39: Co-parenting at Christmas

With Marcie Shaoul and Anthony Syder

You can find out more about Marcie by visiting The Co-Parent Way.

Episode #38: Divorce parties

With Dr. Leyla Hussein

You can find out more about Leyla here.

Episode #37: Co-parenting from different countries

With Harriet Hadfield

You can find out more about Harriet here.

Episode #36: Children's mental health

With Place2be

You can find out more about Place2be here.

Episode #35: Mental health

With Spill

You can find out more about Spill here.

Episode #34: From Divorce Lawyer and Mediator to Divorce Coach

With Bec Jones and Anthony Syder

You can find out more about Bec and Anthony by visiting amicable.

Episode #33 Helen Lederer

You can find out more about Helen by visiting her website.

Episode #32 Pets, separation and divorce

With Rory the Vet and Oli Juste

You can find out more about Rory here and Oli here.

Episode #31 Dr. Amy Baker

You can find out more about Amy here.

Episode #30 Carl Donnelly

Find out more about Carl by visiting his Instagram.

Episode #29 Rosie Wilby

Find out more about Rosie by visiting her website.

Episode #28: Zemar Dajani

You can find out more about Zemar and her book "From Breakup to Empowerment".

Episode #27: Lucy Fry

You can find out more about Lucy by visiting her website.

Episode #26: I want a divorce but my partner doesn't

With Dee Holmes from Relate and Peter Saddington

You can find out more about Dee by visiting Relate.

Episode #25: The Breaking Dad

With Dan Betts

You can find out more about Dan by visiting The Breaking Dad.

Episode #24: The Parents Promise

You can find out more about this by visiting The Parent's Promise .

Episode #23: Holly Bell

You can find out more about Holly's book by here “I know I don't know you, but... True stories, reflections & advice on divorce".

Episode #22: Financially planning your way through divorce and separation

With Tamsin Caine from Smart Divorce

You can find out more about Tamsin by visiting Smart Divorce..

Episode #21: Solo episode

with Kate Daly

Episode #20: Ulrika Jonsson

Find out more about Ulrika by visiting her Instagram.

Episode #19: The Parenting Coach

With Sue Atkins

Find out more about Sue by visiting her website.

Episode #18: Ian Soars, CEO of Dad.Info and Fegans

Find out more about Ian by visiting Dad.Info.

Episode #17: Dating after divorce (and during a pandemic)

With eHarmony and James Preece

You can find out more about Rachel by visiting eHarmony and James via his website.

Episode #16: Mental health, divorce and work

With Petra Velzboer and Gareth Jones

You can find out more about Petra by visiting her website and more about Gareth by visiting Amber People.

Episode #15: Blended families

With Sophia Rantzau

Episode #14: How to tell your children you're getting divorced

With Sara Davison and Rhinannon Ford

You can find out more about Sara by visiting her website and more about Rhiannon via her website

Episode #13: Dads and Divorce

With OnlyDads

You can find out more by visiting OnlyDads.

Episode #12: Meet the founders of The Divorce Surgery

You can find out more about Samantha and Harry by visiting The Divorce Surgery

Episode #11: Anthea Turner

You can purchase Anthea's book via Splendid Publications or Amazon

Episode #10: No-Fault divorce update

With Nigel Shepherd

Episode #9: Aruna Bansal, Founder of The Asian Single Parents Network

You can find out more by visiting Asian Single Parents Network.

Episode #8: John Hind, Mediator and Conflict Coach

Episode #7: Frolo, The Online Community for Single Parents

You can find out more about Frolo by visiting the website.

Episode #6: What is a Divorce Coach?

With Claire Black

Episode #5: COVID-19 Co-parenting

With Marcie Shaoul

With Nigel Shepherd and David Leckie

Episode #3: Divorce and co-parenting 

With CAFCASS and One plus One

You can find out more about [CAFCASS](Find out more about CAFCASS and One plus One. ) and One plus One.

Episode #2: Today’s Divorce laws – fit for purpose?

With David Hodson OBE

Episode #1: Divorce & Society

With Jeremy Gordon, Thomas Pascoe and Isabel Russo

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